Thunderbolt Comedy’s classes help you discover what makes you funny and unique and how to focus those skills for great comedy.

We currently offer two core classes – Level 1 and Level 2 – which focus on character work, object work, and scenework. You will learn to take care of yourself, your scene partner and your audience to create solid, deeply funny comedy.  Character, relationship, status, game – all of these are synthesized in the Thunderbolt approach for effortless comedy.

In Advanced classes, you will study forms like Harold, The Movie and The Documentary; learn how to create new ones; and build entirely new themed shows for prime-time slots at The Experiment Comedy Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  A variety of workshops in focused areas from both Thunderbolt teachers and visiting teachers support your education further.

Submit a registration for the course you’re interested in, along with preferred times for it to be held, and the course will be scheduled for the most popular and convenient times.

Thunderbolt Comedy is a proud partner of The Experiment Comedy Gallery.


Current Courses (Registering for April 2016)