Improv 420

A gateway to better improv

Do you have onstage anxiety? Do you have difficulty initiating scenes or playing characters? Do you sometimes feel unable to understand what your scene partner's intentions are? Do you like to smoke pot? This class will turn your improv breakdowns into breakthroughs with a temporary change in your performer mindset.

Thunderbolt Comedy Academic Director Chris Griswold, sober, will guide students through fun exercises designed to focus on empathy, body language, behavior, and memory to unlock students' entire brains for improv. We're going to get crazy AND learn.

The key to improv is your limbic system, or lizard brain. This is the oldest and one of the strongest parts of the brain. It's the center of behavior, emotion, motivation, and long-term memory. When a performer focuses their efforts on these things, their logic and creativity centers open up and become more easily employable. Cannabis situates people in this part of the brain. It's why you notice things you wouldn't otherwise, why sensations are more vivid.

Past students have said they now feel more confident and relaxed on stage. The workshop encouraged them to do things they didn't normally do, and that sense memory has turned into an ongoing skill set.

The price for this workshop is only $40.

Students must bring their own supplies. No marijuana will be provided, bought or sold during this event.


Chris Griswold

Chris Griswold is currently one of the world’s most prolific improv instructors, leading more than 4,000 sessions. Chris is also a writer, actor, and mental healthy advocate in New York City. Chris is originally self-taught in improv, but he has trained with both the Annoyance Theater and extensively with the Upright Citizens Brigade, where he previously worked as a registrar and diversity liaison.


What people are saying about Chris' teaching

Love working with Chris because he is really great at reading a team's dynamic and not only giving you want your group wants, but what you need in a really positive way! Practices with Chris are super positive and constructive at the same time! Not everybody knows how to create an environment that is fun, safe, and productive - Chris does! He genuinely cares about the people he works with and is SUPER dedicated. Strongly recommend!

Lauren BrickmanStar of "Stuffed" on Broadway, UCB's Maude Night

Chris cares and develops a strong rapport with teams he coaches. He is the best coach in the city. He also has inspired me a lot as a coach

Mark LevyTheatrical Actor, Director, Coach

Chris is great with the fundamentals of improv and showed us multiple approaches to the basics, bringing elements of The Annoyance Theater style, Second City, and UCB to the table. We also worked on UCB game mechanics, which he made simple and easy to understand. He's great at coaching with positive feedback, while still maintaining a rigorous atmosphere.

Matthew MyersFunny Or Die

Location & Contact:

Classes will be held in a dance studio in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan.

Contact for more information.

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