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This class is for improvisers of any skill level. Experienced performers will turn improv breakdowns into breakthroughs with a temporary change in performance mindset. Newer improvisers will find a series of exercises and performance experiences they will find accessible and fun.

Do you have onstage anxiety? Do you have difficulty initiating scenes or playing characters? Do you sometimes feel unable to understand what your scene partner's intentions are? Do you like THC? This class is for you.

Veteran improv teacher Chris Griswold, sober, will guide students through fun exercises designed to focus on empathy, body language, behavior, and memory to unlock students' entire brains for improv.

Past students have said they now feel more confident and relaxed on stage. The workshop encouraged them to do things they didn't normally do, and that sense memory has turned into an ongoing skill set.

The price for this workshop is only $40, but is only $30 before April 15.

Payment: Venmo @chrisgriswold

Students must bring their own supplies. No cannabis will be provided, bought or sold during this event.

For more information, check out this interview on the cannabis podcast Green Crush:


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