Chris is warm and easy to work with, and he was able to take away the fear and help us figure out what improv really is. He tailored to our needs, and I’m looking forward to working with him again.
— Salma Shaw, Actor

Happy Clients

Chris is really great at reading a team's dynamic and not only giving you want your group wants, but what you need in a really positive way! He genuinely cares about the people he works with and is SUPER dedicated. Strongly recommended!

— Lauren Brickman, Star of Broadway’s Stuffed

Chris provides a perfect balance of encouragement and instruction. He is great at making complex-seeming concepts understandable, and provides individualized exercises to help us "get" them at a visceral level. His coaching has been a completely positive experience!

— Susan O’Doherty, Phd, Psychologist

Chris will get you out of your head and out on the floor by attending to everyone's strengths and weaknesses and positioning feedback in helpful and supportive ways. Practice is consistently fun, challenging, and thoughtful.

— Matt Schimkowitz, Know your meme

Chris is THE BEST!! He really had a strong understanding of where we were at in our group and worked with us in an open, fun, encouraging manner - and we all walked away feeling like we had grown. We were definitely challenged but never lost sight of the fun.

— Meg mark, actor


Chris is gonna push you past that roadblock when your dumb brain starts getting in the way of having improv fun. He's gonna give you straight-up, no-nonsense notes; he'll challenge you with specific exercises to help with whatever's getting you down and it's going to be great. You'll feel like you just left the gym doing a killer workout...with your MIND.

— Leila Carillo, All Out Comedy Theater

Chris helped me feel a lot more comfortable with making moves and finding what works for me in scenes. I used to leave classes and practices really discouraged but after we started practices with Chris, I felt a lot more confident because Chris helps you get out of your head and really helped our team grow.

— Casey Miko, voice coach

Chris has been an absolute blast to work with. He has a phenomenal grasp of the concepts and discusses them with vocabulary that clarifies and enhances them. He has a great eye for performers’ strengths and weaknesses - within two sessions of working with Chris, he noticed acting habits of mine that I've battled since I got into improv.

— Nathaniel peart, actor

Chris’ notes and feedback are so strong and great at making the team grow. He cares and develops a strong rapport. He is the best teacher in New York City

— Mark Levy, Alamo Drafthouse