Comedy Courses

You already have a sense of humor. We’ll help you discover your comedic voice and hone your ability to use it.

Thunderbolt Comedy gives you a complete education in improv and sketch comedy with courses designed to instill skills and confidence that will translate to the rest of your life. Classes are designed to create quality shows for students to perform in.

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Onstage, become a quick-witted, decisive, verbally agile comedic performer. Offstage, you will find new abilities in reading a room, carrying a conversation, and simply being you.

  • Improv In these courses, you will learn how to improvise comedic scenes and longer comedy show formats.

  • Advanced improv courses are geared toward creating exciting and original comedy shows.

Available Improv Classes



The Improvised Documentary

This class teaches intermediate-advanced students the longform improv structure, the Documentary. The Doc depends on collaboration and support work to create a surprisingly believable documentary, improvised live onstage.

Sessions: 8
7-10pm Thursdays
Sept. 17, 24
Oct. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Nov. 5
Location: Ferment.Drink.Repeat
505 E Charleston Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94306



Sketch 101-201 make up our core sketch program. In these courses, students learn to write a variety of sketches, working both and with others while focusing on simplifying and focusing it for maximum effect.

Advanced sketch classes are designed to create a full-length scripted sketch comedy show.


Electives are courses and workshops with a special focus. These courses include: writing and performing characters, storytelling, sitcom spec writing, casting workshops, etc.